How to Uninstall Apps on Kindle Fire

Uninstall Apps

A lot of users download apps that they don’t use often. These applications remain on the device, taking up space and slowing the device down. Therefore, it is essential to uninstall apps from Kindle Fire, in order to clear your device of clutter and clear up space.

Uninstall Apps on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is basically an Android device. The methods to uninstall Apps that are installed on Kindle Fire are similar to other Android phones and tablets.

Based on your needs depending on your needs, you can utilize any of the methods described here for Uninstall Apps on Kindle Fire.

1. Uninstall Apps on Kindle Fire From Home Screen

The easiest method of uninstalling applications for Kindle Fire is to do it on your home screen on the device.

1. From the Home screen, click on the Applications Tab.

2. On the Apps screen, hold and tap on the App you wish to remove and then select the Remove from Device

It’s that easy, the Application will be deleted completely from the device.

2. Uninstall Apps on Kindle Fire Using Settings

Another method to uninstall apps that are installed on Kindle Fire is via on the Settings screen.

1. From the Home Screen, tap on the Settings App.

2. Go to Apps & Games > Manage All Applications

3. On the Manage All Applications screen, tap on the Downloaded tab select the application that you wish to uninstall.

3. On the next screen, you will see the Uninstall button to delete the app from your device.

Notice: If you do not see the option to uninstall the app, it is a native application and cannot be deleted.

3. Uninstall Apps on Cloud

Certain Apps that are available when you open the Kindle Fire device reside on Amazon’s cloud servers.

To remove these Apps You will have sign in with the account you have created with your Amazon Account and visit the Manage Your Apps page.

When you’re on the “Manage Your Apps” page click in the Actions menu that is close to the application you would like to eliminate and then select the delete option.

If the App is not yet showing then restart your device, and you’ll no longer have access to any App that you have deleted.

Hide Stock Amazon Apps on Kindle Fire

Although you can uninstall installed Apps for Kindle Fire, you cannot uninstall downloaded apps. Kindle Fire, above methods are not applicable to disabling the stock Amazon apps.

It is impossible to uninstall stock Amazon Apps without rooting Kindle Fire.

But, as the majority of users do not wish to root devices on their own, we’re offering below steps to block Stock Amazon apps by moving them into a specific folder.

Although this approach doesn’t allow you to free up the space on your device, it does allow you to clean out the Home screen on the Kindle Fire device.

1. Tap and hold on any of the stock Amazon App until the App’s icon grows larger.

2. Once the App’s icon grows larger, you can place the icon of the App over another app to create an archive

3. Once the folder is created, you’ll be asked to give the folder a name. Give the folder a name. Folder.

Uninstall Option Greyed Out On Kindle Fire

As stated above as mentioned earlier, native Apps that were installed on your device form part of Kindle Fire operating system and are not able to be removed.

If you have these applications You may see the Uninstall option grayed out or completely missing.

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