How to Unblock Phone Number On iPhone

Unblock Phone Number

If you’ve deliberately or unintentionally blocked someone’s iPhone You will discover below a variety of methods to unblock phone number on iPhone.

Unblock Phone Number on iPhone

If you’re not getting calls from someone you were expecting, it’s likely that you have blocked the number of this individual in error on your iPhone.

A different possibility could be that you tried to block or silence the individual on a temporary basis, but you failed to take down the block.

No matter what the reason regardless of the reason, it’s really simple to unblock someone’s iPhone and you will discover below various methods to unblock Phone Numbers on iPhone.

1. Remove Phone Number From Block List on iPhone

If you block an individual using iPhone The blocked number is added to a block list on iPhone. This makes it simple to unblock the phone number at any time , by visiting the Block List.

1. Open Settings > scroll down and then tap on Phone.

2. On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and click on Blocked Contacts.

3. On the Blocked screen, swipe left on the phone number you want to remove and then tap on the Unblock button that appears.

This will eliminate the number from the Block List. You will then be able to receive calls and messages from this Number.

2. Unblock Phone Number From Recent Caller List

If you are able to recall calling or receiving a call at the block number you can unblock the number by looking up the The list of recent calls on your phone.

1. Open Phone App and click on the Recents tab on the menu at bottom.

2. On the next screen, tap the icon i right next to the number you would like to block.

3. On the next screen, scroll down , and tap the Unblock this Caller option.

When the phone number is removed from your Block List You will then be in a position to receive calls and messages from this number on your iPhone.

3. Make Sure You Are Not Silencing Unknown Callers

If you’re not receiving calls from your doctor or Dentist’s office, as well as various other providers of services, it’s likely that you’ve activated the silence unidentified callers option within your iPhone.

Navigate to Phone Settings and Scroll to the bottom and look to see if Silence Unknown callers is turned on.

If this feature is turned on When this feature is enabled, the iPhone will only accept calls from contacts in your Contact List. any other calls and messages will be silenced automatically.

You can disable this feature by adjusting the Silence Unknown Callers toggle off position or by adding the telephone numbers of your Doctor, Dentist or other services providers into your Contact List.

4. Is the Phone Number Blocked at Carrier Level?

If you are unable to locate the number on the list of blocked Numbers within your iOS, it’s likely that the number is blocked at the Carrier Level.

This could be the case in the event that you subscribe to the blocking feature provided by your carrier (usually as an add-on service).

If a phone number is blocked at the Carrier Level it is necessary to call the company or log into your existing account. Follow the steps to remove the blocked phone number.

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