How to Stop Skype From Starting Automatically on Mac

Stop Skype From Starting Automatically

If you’re making use of Skype on Mac Perhaps you’ve noticed that Skype is automatically launched on Mac and continues to run within the background. Below are the steps you can take to Stop Skype From Starting Automatically on Mac.

Stop Skype From Starting Automatically on Mac

Skype is automatically launched when you install Mac in order to ensure that your PC is at its best to take Skype messages and calls.

However, the issue in this setup is that Skype runs alongside your Mac and is running on the background taking up the resources of your device.

Because, Skype is known to be a resource-intensive application and allowing Skype to begin automatically on Mac and be running in the background may affect how well your Mac.

Additionally, if you’re only using Skype every now and then There isn’t any real reason to allow Skype to automatically start from your Mac and run within the background.

1. Stop Skype From Starting Automatically on Mac

If you’re experiencing an increase in performance or slowdown on or a drop in performance on your Mac when you install Skype It is most likely that the “Open at Login” option is enabled to enable your Skype App on your Mac.

Fortunately, it’s simple to disable this option if you’re able to connect to Skype through your Dock from your Mac.

Click right-click to the Skype icon that is located on the Dock of your Mac Click on the Skype icon, then hover the mouse to Options, then click the”Open” at Login option in the contextual menu.

This will disable the “Open at login” option and block Skype from automatically starting on Mac the next time you restart your computer.

2. Stop Skype From Starting Automatically on Mac Using Settings

You can also prevent Skype from Automatically Starting on Mac by clicking the System Preferences.

1. Click on the Apple Icon located in the upper menu bar of your Mac and then click on System Preferences from the menu drop down.

2. On the System Preferences screen click on Groups & Groups option.

3. On Users & Groups Screen, click on your Account Name > Login Items tab.

4. In Login Items window, choose Skype and then click on the”minus “-” icon to take away Skype out of the listing of applications that can be started immediately on Mac.

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