How to Start YouTube Channel

start YouTube Channel

The process of creating your own YouTube channel lets you upload your own video content or create free-to-use YouTube videos. YouTube. Below are the steps needed to Start YouTube Channel.

Start YouTube Channel

All you need for launching the process of creating a YouTube Channel is to have an account with Google Account ( Gmail) and it takes only just a few minutes to create your very first YouTube Channel.

Depending on the needs of your company You can create an Personal YouTube Channel or create an YouTube Channel with a business/other name.

After your YouTube Channel is set up and you are ready to upload videos to YouTube and check if you are able to begin attracting viewers for the YouTube Channel.

Create YouTube Channel

If you already have an Gmail Account, you already have an Google Account and you can follow the steps below for creating a YouTube channel.

1. Go to and select the SIGN IN button on the right-hand side on your display.

2. Sign-in to YouTube with Your Gmail username and password.

3. Once you are registered, click the Profile Icon after which click Settings from the drop-down menu.

4. On the next screen, you can click on Create the Channel Link.

5. On the pop-up that pops up, type in an initial name for Your YouTube Channel and click on the Create Channel button.

6. On the Next screen, you will be able to Customize Your YouTube Channel by clicking the Customize Channel option.

How Add Channels to YouTube Account

If you already have an existing YouTube Channel, you can follow the instructions below to add more channels to the YouTube account.

1. Go to and select the SIGN IN link on the right-hand side on your display.

2. Once you are authenticated, click your Profile Icon , then select Settings from the menu drop down.

3. On the next screen, click on View all my channels, or create the link for a new channel.

4. On the next screen, select the Create New Channel option.

5. Follow the next set of steps to create your brand new YouTube Channel.

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