How to Short Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies {2022}

short bitcoin

It could be a mistake if you think you can earn money from crypto when the market is up. That means that you are not aware of the idea of short Bitcoin. Shorting is a way to earn profits in the event that the market falls.

If you are convinced the likelihood that Bitcoin as well as any other cryptocurrency will plummet in the coming days, then an option to short the market could be a smart option.

Is it really that easy? Before you make the first trade on the cryptocurrency market Let’s find out what it is and the mathematics behind it.

What is mean by short Bitcoin or Crypto means?

The principle behind shorting is to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency at a higher price, then purchase it back at a lower cost.

Most traders would prefer buying cryptocurrency at a lower cost and selling it for a higher price. When it comes to shorts it is best to reverse the process.

In order to enter the short market it is necessary to borrow cryptocurrency, and then trade them on an exchange at their current rate. In the end, you’ll have to purchase the cryptocurrency in the future and pay back the money you taken out.

If the price falls when the time comes to repay the capital you borrowed, then earn from the difference between the selling and buying prices.

To make it easier for you to understand Here is the example

  • In this instance we will cut off 10 Bitcoins. The current price for every Bitcoin is $60,000 resulting in an amount of $6,00,000.
  • To complete this transaction in order to complete the transaction, we’ll need to obtain 10 Bitcoins of our broker’s money at the moment’s rate of exchange.
  • The market is now moving as we expected and the cost of one Bitcoin drops to $50,000, resulting in an amount of $5,000,000.
  • We buy the product at this market price and then transfer the money the broker.
  • Let’s look at the math Let’s calculate: Previous market price ($6,00,000) The current Market price ($5,00,000) equals Profit ($1,00,000). This is the amount you’re planning to record as an income.

Shorting is taking the opposite route to being long. The concept of shorting comes to the rescue when you are expecting an asset’s value to decrease. However it is best to take a long position when you are certain that the price of the currency will rise.

But be aware that shorting is a risk. In the event that the market does not move in the way you expected, you might be required to buy the currency at a greater price in order to repay your broker.

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How can I short Bitcoin?

There are a variety of ways to short Bitcoin or other short-term trading concepts. The most well-known types are:

Margin Trading

Margin trading is thought to be the most convenient alternative. A lot of crypto exchanges allow margin trading such as Binance Futures, FTX and Phemex. When you trade this way you’re borrowing cryptocurrency from a broker in order to trade.

Additionally, you must be aware that margins involve borrowing money or leveraging it. This means that it can not just boost your profits, but also result in a greater loss.

Usually, the broker gives you a specific amount of money that you take from the exchange and then use it for trading. In addition, after a specified amount of time after which you must repay the amount you borrowed and complete the transaction.


As with all assets, Bitcoin, too, is a futures asset. With a futures transaction it is when you buy security through an agreement. The contract outlines the time and date at which the security will be offered for sale. If you buy a forwards contract you’re betting that the cost that the securities will increase. Therefore, you could earn high return.

However you can bet that the value of Bitcoin will decrease in the future. In the meantime, you can buy contracts which bet on a decrease in the price of Bitcoin.

When you’re shorting futures you are committing to sell a contract for less. Additionally, the best thing is that novice traders can join by investing a modest amount.


CFD stands for contract for differences. It is a type of financial strategy which pays money depending on the price gap between closing and open price for settlement.

It’s a concept similar like Bitcoin futures. Because they’re betting on the cryptocurrency’s price. Therefore, when you buy CFD CFD it is a bet that the value of Bitcoin will drop. Therefore, you are trading short Bitcoin.

For example for instance, if Bitcoin has a price of $60,000 and you want to buy it, short sell it, and then stop your trade when the price hits $55,000. Thus, you earned an investment of $5000.

Another benefit for CFDs are that they offer the flexibility of settling time in contrast to Bitcoin futures.

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Binary Options

Also, binary options are available available for short Bitcoin. The put and call options are well-known that requires you to complete the put option by using an escrow service or similar service. The aim is to purchase the currency at the current price regardless of whether the market price falls in the future.

There are numerous offshore exchanges offering binary options. However, it comes with a high price and high risk.

The main benefit is that you are able to limit the loss by not choosing to sell the put options. This means you only take losses on the amount you put into an order for put.

In general, it’s an extremely short-term, low-risk trading kind. There are two outcomes that can be achieved. In the first scenario, you earn a profit that you’ve predefined. Or , you lose the amount that you have paid to start the transaction.

Prediction Market

Also, there is the market for prediction. It is a lot like the traditional markets. As an investor, you could create an event and place an investment based on result. You’ll need to forecast it will happen that Bitcoin price will fall by a specific amount or percentage. If someone does end up putting off their bed, you’ll get profits if your prediction is to fruition.

It is possible to claim that by opening the prediction market and trading option you are betting the value of crypto will decrease. There is no requirement to borrow funds to anyone. If your bet is successful then you can take the profit to your home.

The Risks and Rewards of shorting crypto

It may appear as if it’s a straightforward deal. However, you must be aware that it comes with a lot of risk in the event that the market does not go in the direction you expect. However, if the market does go according to your expectations, then it will yield you huge profits. But, to assist you in understanding the market the crypto market, here are some potential risks and benefits on the crypto market:


  • If you do not conduct a thorough market research If you don’t do your homework, you could face endless loss.
  • You’ll require an account with a margin to begin selling short.
  • Margin interest is incurred when short-selling.


  • Shorting is a fantastic chance to make high-profits.
  • It will require a minimum amount of initial capital investment to begin.
  • Shorting is a way to potentially make investments more efficient.

That’s all there is to know about short Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The only thing I’d recommend is to only take a short position when you are certain that the market is likely to plunge. So do wait for proper signals. In the beginning, you should be sure you trade on the smallest margin to avoid massive losses.

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