How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone or iPad

Audio Messages on iPhone

If you’re wondering why Audio Messages don’t save on iPhone You can see below the steps needed to save both sent and received Audio Messages on iPhone or iPad.

Save Audio Message On iPhone

The default setting for Apple’s the Messages App is to delete all Audio Messages in two minutes after they have been transmitted to your device.

Similar to that, when you receive an Audio Message on your iPhone The Audio Message will be deleted within two minutes after it’s open by the user.

But, iPhone offers the ability of save Audio messages and the option to save specific Audio Messages that were received and sent.

1. Keep All Audio Messages on iPhone or iPad

Although the default setting for iPhone is to erase Audio Messages within 2 minutes, it is possible to configure your device to keep Audio Messages stored in your phone for an extended duration of time.

Click Settings, then Messages. Scroll down to “Audio messages” section, then tap the option to Expire.

The next page, you can choose the Never option.

After this setting after this, after this Setting, Messages are saved to devices for 30 days one year or even forever, based on the “Keep Messages” setting for text messages stored on your device.

Navigate to settings > messages > choose the Keep Messages, which is which is located under the “Message History” Section.

The next page, you will be able to choose 30 days 1, Year or Forever depending on the length of time you’d like to store the text and audio messages stored in your iPhone.

If you choose 30 days or one year, the Audio messages will be deleted automatically on your device following the expiration of the chosen period.

2. Keep Specific Audio Messages On iPhone

As stated above, iPhone provides the option to save an Audio Message when it is being sent , and as well as the option to save the received Audio message.

Open the Messages App, play the Audio Message you received which you would like to save. Tap the Save option, which will ensure that it is displayed within around thirty seconds following the message is played.

Also, when you send the Audio message, click on the Keep option which is available within a few minutes after you have sent the message.

The audio message you send will be saved to the device’s memory for 30 days or one year or forever, based on the settings for iMessage for text messages for your iPhone.

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