How to Quickly Remove Double Spaces in Word Document

Remove Double Spaces

It’s really simple to remove double spaces between paragraphs as well as the double space between phrases within Microsoft Word. Here are the steps needed to remove double spaces from Word Document.

Remove Double Spaces in Word Document

If you’ve seen the Word document that has double spaces, it’s likely that you’re viewing a document that has two spaces in between paragraphs, or an article that has two spaces between phrases.

Although having either a single or double space between sentences is an individual preference, the traditional method of using double spaces after every comma, period and colon may be seen as a mistake or ignorance by some.

In any event it’s really simple to remove double spaces between paragraphs, and the spaces between paragraphs using Microsoft Word.

1. Remove Double Spacing Between Paragraphs in Word Document

If you’re dealing with a massive document, you may single separate the entire or a portion of the document following the steps in the following steps.

1. Open the Word Document with double spacing between paragraphs.

2. Click on Design > Paragraph Spacing.

3. In the drop-down menu you can click on the”No Paragraph Space choice.

Selecting the”No” Paragraph Space option, it will take over the existing double spaced settings in the document and change it back to normal (Single Space) setting.

2. Remove Double Spacing Between Sentences in Word Document

Follow these steps to change the double spaces between sentences to a single spaces in a Word Document.

1. Open the Microsoft Word Document, which has two spaces in between the sentences.

2. Select a portion of the document, and then click the Replace option that is located in the Home menu.

3. On the “Find and Replace” window enter two spaces in the “Find Which” box, then type one space in the “Replace with” box.

Note: You can also hit CTRL + H in order to open the Find as well as Replace Dialogue box

4. After typing Find and Replace items, click the Replace All option to substitute all double spaces by a single space in the chosen portion in Word document. Word document.

5. The pop-up will appear with information about the amount of replacements that have been made. Click”OK” to exit the window.

In the same way, you can choose other sections of the document and follow the steps above for replacing double space by single space.

Notice: If you do not select any part of the document and then use Search & Replace, Microsoft Word will look through the entire document to find double spaces and replace them with a one single Space.

The disadvantage of permitting Search and Replace to work across the entire document will be the fact it means that Microsoft Word will replace all instances of two spaces even spaces between tabs (and not only the double space between sentence).

This is why it is better to use the Search and Replace procedure on certain sections of the document, rather than using it for the entire document.

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