How to Make a Shortcut on Snapchat – Full Steps

Shortcut on Snapchat

Snapchat is continually being updated with cool features such as Minis and games. This article will discuss How to Make a Snapchat Shortcut. Let’s begin! Snapchat is an amazing app to keep in touch and stay in touch with your friends. Its concept of disappearing media was groundbreaking and it is still being used today. Other apps have taken to this idea, in fact.

What are Snapchat Shortcuts and how do they work?

Snapchat finally offers an option to create shortcuts within its app. It works in a similar way to the owl Snapchat widget. The widget was removed to the dismay of many users.

The app’s latest update has added a way to create shortcuts within the app. To speed up sending snaps, you can now create shortcuts for your favourite contacts. Snapchat shortcuts allow you to group users you snap most often and choose them all to send one snap simultaneously. This would also help you keep those annoying Snapstreaks in check.

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Snapchat Shortcuts

Snapchat shortcuts cannot be created outside of the Snapchat app. You can also create a group from your Friends list to send snaps. Follow the steps below to create your Snapchat shortcut.

How you can Send Streaks At Once On Snapchat’. You should check him out on YouTube.

Make the shortcut

It is surprising that Snapchat doesn’t have an option to create a shortcut. Take a photo to send via the camera and open the Snapchat app. To reach the contacts page, tap the blue “Send to” button.

You will need to click the ‘Send to …’ button in the top panel. The new “Create shortcut” button will also appear. To create a shortcut, tap on it.

Choose your emoji

You can also select a custom Emoji from Snapchat’s shortcut menu to represent your group. This emoji will be used to represent your group in snaps.

Click the “Choose Emoji” button at the top of your screen to add the emoji that you wish to associate with the group.

To make it easier to identify your shortcuts, you can choose an emoji that represents the users of the group. For example, if you want to create a shortcut for your family members, you can add the family emoticon.

Choose your friends

You will now see a list with your Snapchat friends. You can choose who you want to add to the shortcut. You can also group users alphabetically using the shortcut.

To add the usernames to the group, click on them. When you select them, a blue tick will appear beside their names.

Once you’re done, click on ‘Create Shortcut” at the bottom.

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Snapchat Shortcut: How do you send a snap?

Only when you try to send a snap on Snapchat, the shortcut will appear. To make it easier to send snaps, the shortcut will contain a list that you have grouped together.

You can send a snap to a shortcut by opening the Snapchat app. Tap a photo with the camera to take a picture. Click on the “Send to” button at the bottom right.

The emojis will be displayed at the top of this page. To open the shortcut, click on the emoji.

To select all users from the list, tap the “+ Select” button at the top right.

Send the photo as usual.

Snapchat: How many people can you have in a Snapchat shortcut?

Although there are no restrictions on the shortcut feature, you can add up to 200 users to one shortcut. The app won’t let you create shortcuts for more than 200 users.

What are the best Snapchat shortcuts?

As an update to the app, the new shortcut feature will be available. It is currently only available to a limited number of users. This update is only available for the beta version of Snapchat. To get the shortcut feature, you will need to update your Snapchat app to the most recent version. You cannot force an update so make sure to keep your eyes on the app store.


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