How to Fix Err_Connection_Aborted Error in Chrome


If you are dealing with Err_Connection_Aborted error in Chrome browser while trying to open a webpage, you will find below the steps to fix this issue on your Windows computer.

Fix Err_Connection_Aborted Error in Chrome Browser

Connection aborted error in Chrome appears with ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED Error code and an error message reading “This site can’t be reached, the webpage might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Based on the error message According to the error message, the server where it is located appears be inaccessible or has issues.

If you are capable of accessing the website from another device, it’s likely that the site you’re trying to access is no longer accepting the SSLv3 protocol (less safe) and requires a minimum TSL1.0 security.

In certain cases, Err_Connection_Aborted Error can also be caused by browser extensions and Windows Firewall blocking access to the website.

1. Turn off SSLv3 in Chrome Browser

The most frequent reason for this is that websites aren’t permitting SSLV3 Protocol, you need to disable SSLV3 within your web browser and then force Chrome browser to utilize the TLS1.0 protocol.

Right-click the Google Chrome icon in System Tray and choose Properties.

In the Target field, add a space after chrome.exe” and type -ssl-version-min=tls1

Click OK to confirm the modification.

After you have disabled SSLv3 Turn off your router or modem, then wait 60 seconds, then turn it on again.

2. Check the System Files

Sometimes, the issue is due to corrupted system files. To rule out this problem click at the Start icon, then click the Command Prompt (Admin).

In the Command Prompt window, type sfc/scannow and press the enter key.

You must wait for Windows to check your computer for any errors, then restart your computer when the process is complete.

3. Reset Chrome Browser

Err_Connection_Aborted Error in Chrome browser can also be caused by changes in browser settings. To resolve this issue, you can reset Chrome Browser to default settings and check whether the issue is resolved.

Click on the 3 dots Chrome Menu icon and click on Settings from the dropdown menu.

When you are on the Settings screen scroll until you get to the bottom and then click Advanced.

Continue scrolling down and click Reset Settings.

In the pop-up window that displays you can click the button to reset.

NOTE: Reset does not erase your bookmarks, passwords, as well as browsing histories.

4. Uninstall the KB2992611 Update

If you’ve upgraded your PC up to Windows 10 from Windows Vista or Windows 8.1 The issue is fixable by removing the update KB2992611 from your PC.

Click the Start button, then the Settings icon > Updates and Security

In the following screen click Windows update on the left, then select View the Installed Update History in the right pane.

Then, click on the Uninstall Updates link.

The next screen will check if you can find the update KB2992611 and uninstall it. update.

5. Temporarily Disable Antivirus Program

Deleting Antivirus protection could expose your system to malware. Therefore, you should try this technique only if you’re certain that the website you’re trying to connect to is reliable.

The procedure to deactivate Antivirus protection is different, based on the antivirus program you are using on your PC.

If you have Norton Antivirus, right-click on the Antivirus Program icon in the tray of the system and then click on Disable Auto Protect option.

The next screen will appear Select the time that you wish to turn off the Antivirus program on your PC and click OK.

Important:Make sure that you select the least period of time (15 minutes) to deactivate the Antivirus program on your computer.

After disabling Antivirus program, try to open the webpage and see if you are still getting ERR_Connection_Aborted Error in Chrome browser.

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