How to Find If iPhone Is Unlocked or Locked

If you are considering purchasing a secondhand iPhone You may want to verify that the iPhone you’re planning to purchase has one that is an Unlocked iPhone. The following are the steps for determining if your iPhone is locked or unlocked to a carrier.

Find If iPhone Is Unlocked or Locked

The iPhone that is offered directly by Apple is sold exclusively as an unlocked iPhone and is able to be used on any network or carrier.

Unlocked iPhone has a higher than the initial costs to purchase and is a great market value (in the event you decide for it to be sold).

iPhones that are sold via Carriers or Telephone companies are typically offered to customers for attractive prices and could even be sold with no down cost.

However, the drawback of purchasing an Locked iPhone will be that you’ll be unable to use the iPhone using any other service provider.

In general, Carriers lock iPhones for up to 18-24 months, following which you can ask for the Carrier for unlocking your iPhone.

How to Find if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

If you’re buying an old iPhone be sure you inquire with the seller if the iPhone is tied to the Carrier.

To verify, you can employ any of these methods to determine if the iPhone that you’re looking to purchase is a Locked or unlocked iPhone.

1. Use Settings to Find if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

In the event that your seller given you access to iPhone then use the below steps determine whether or not your iPhone is unlocked or locked to a carrier.

1. Open Settings > scroll down, and then tap Cellular.

2. On the Cellular screen, click on Cellular Data Options.

3. On the next screen, you should check if are able to find Cellular Data Network option.

If you see Cellular Data Network option, you’re probably using the Unlocked iPhone. The option is not available in the event that the iPhone is tied to the Carrier.

2. Use SIM Card From Another Carrier

While the first method will provide a clue as to that the iPhone is locked or not however, it is best to verify this using the SIM card from a different Carrier.

You’ll need to schedule an appointment with your Seller and ask for his or her permission to verify if the iPhone is able to make calls by using a SIM Card from a different Carrier.

1. Press and Hold the Power Button until you are able to see the ‘Slide To Power Off Screen. Make use of the Slider to turn off the power on your OFF iPhone.

2. Remove the existing SIM Card from the iPhone and then insert the SIM Card from a different Carrier in the iPhone.

3. After replacing the SIM Card, press the Power button to turn on the iPhone.

4. After the iPhone restarts, attempt to make a call from the iPhone

If the Call succeeds it is a sign it is the iPhone is unlocked. If the call fails to connect then the iPhone is most likely locked to a carrier.

3. Use IMEI Number to Find if iPhone is Locked or Unlocked

The two options above require access to an iPhone and are useful only when the deal to purchase an used iPhone is nearing the final stage.

If the sale is in the beginning stages, you may ask the seller to supply you with details about the IMEI number of your iPhone and use this information to determine if the iPhone is locked to the Carriers Network.

1. Get the IMEI Number of your iPhone from the retailer.

If the seller does not know where to search for to find the IMEI Number, ask the seller for this article – How to Locate the IMEI Number on iPhone.

2. Using your Mac or Windows computer. It is believed to be among the more well-known websites for checking the Locked or unlocked status of an iPhone.

3. On the website you can enter the 15-digit IMEI Number of your iPhone and then press and then press the right-arrow.

4. If the displayed result reads “Locked,” it indicates you’ve locked the iPhone was locked. If the message displayed is ‘Unlocked’, it indicates it is the iPhone is unlocked.

If your iPhone is locked to a carrier You will be able to access the website that provides unlocking service for a fee.

According to the information on the website, unlocking is done remotely and you don’t have to send your device to us for unlocking.

Additionally, the site provides a full refund in the event of being impossible to unlock your iPhone due to a reason.

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