How to Enable or Disable Fast Charging on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Fast Charging

The majority of modern Android phones come with Fast Charging technology. This can drastically cut down on the time it takes to charge your phone. Below are the steps required to enable or disable Fast Charging on your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

Fast Charging on Samsung Galaxy Phone

When a fast charging phone can go from a bare to full charge in 30 minutes, it’s widely thought that Fast Charging produces more heat than normal charging.

The device’s temperature could be a concern when you’re in a hot room or sitting in a vehicle that has no air cooling.

Another theory (or legend?) one is the fact that fast charging may harm batteries over an extended long period of time, and also cause harm to other components, in the event that the device is going through a hardware issue.

Samsung seems to have taken into account these concerns and has provided an easy method to disable or enable Fast charging.

1. You can disable or enable fast charging (Android 10 and up)

Following the instructions below to enable or disable Fast Charging on phones running Android 10 and above.

1. Go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Charging.

2. On the next screen, switch the toggle adjacent to Fast Charging to the off.

At any point you can turn on Fast Charging at any time by shifting the toggle from OFF position.

2. Enable or Disable Fast Charging on Older Samsung Galaxy Phones

Follow the steps below to turn on or off fast charging of Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

1. Open Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Battery.

2. On the Battery screen, you are able to enable or deactivate Fast Cable Charging or Fast Wireless Charging. This is done by sliding the slider from ON to off.

Based on their titles, “Fast Cable Charging” accelerates charging using cable and “Fast Wireless Charging” will be available only when you’re using Wireless Charger.

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