How to Email Large Files On iPhone Using Mail Drop

Email Large Files On iPhone

As you’re probably aware, email clients typically do not allow emails with large attachments that exceed 20 MB in size. Its Mail Drop feature lets you get around this size limit by letting you email large files on iPhone.

Mail Drop

The first version was released in the early days of Macs first on Macs, Mail Drop simply uploads attachments of emails in iCloud and then provides a link to these attachments within your email’s body.

Mail Drop is now compatible with all iOS supported devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) with iOS Version 9.2 and later. Anyone who received the emails can download the attachments to their email regardless of their platform or device (OS OS X, iOS, Android, or Windows).

Mail Drop lets you upload large files of up to 5GB to messages sent via email using iPhone. The attachments to emails are uploaded onto iCloud for a short time period of 30 days giving enough time to allow recipient to download and download your attachments by clicking links within your email.

Email Large Files On iPhone By using Mail Drop

There’s nothing special that you need to do to make use of Mail Drop. The iPhone’s Mail application will automatically provide Mail Drop as an option when you send large attachments to emails (exceeding 20MB).

Follow the steps below to write your email. You can trigger the Mail Drop feature at the point that size of the attachment files increases to 20 MB or more.

1. From the home screen, tap on the Mail application.

2. Start a New email message by tapping the Compose Mail icon.

3. Whenever you are ready to attach a document Tap and Hold or Double Tap in the body of email message.

This will trigger an edit menu appear on the screen. It will offer options such as Select the option to select all, Copy All, Select and an Arrow button. Click on the Arrow button until you can get the “Insert Photo or Video” option (See the image below).

4. Tap the Insert Photo Or Video (See the picture above).

5. Next, choose images or videos you wish to attach as attachments to the email message you are sending.

6. The Mail Drop feature will activate when the size of files that are attached to your email begins to exceed 20MB (See the image below).

7. Tap on Use Mail Drop (See the image above).

8. The selected files will be compressed and added to the email message you send (See the image below).

9. Tap on Send button to send an email with the large email attachment via iCloud to its recipients.

Mail Drop Recipients

The recipients of your email will receive your email with download links for attachments. You can tap or click on the links to download attachments individually or select the download all attachments in order to download all Mail Drop attachments at once from iCloud.

The recipients will be able to view previews of image attachments within an email. Other attachment types will appear as hyperlinks.

As previously mentioned as well, As mentioned, Drop attachments are accessible via iCloud in the coming 30 days. They can’t be removed manually.

Mail Drop is a win-win scenario for both the sender and recipients. In addition, recipients can download the attachments from every device running an operating system. It is not necessary to have the recipient operating any iOS device or An iCloud Account.

Limit Mail Drop over Cellular Data

Along with the fact that it is slow, attaching huge files in emails could cause the use of lots of Cellular data. Therefore, ensure that your iPhone is configured to use this Mail Drop feature only over the WiFi network.

1. From the home screen, click on Settings.

2. Tap on iCloud

3. Next, tap on iCloud Drive

4. Tap on Use Cellular data and make sure it is in the off position (See the image above).

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