How to Create Anonymous Email to Protect Online Identity?

create anonymous email

Create anonymous email to protect online identity – An anonymous email makes it possible to remain hidden and be a hero disguised. Your identity is important, and you can’t afford to allow it to be taken away from you. The frequency at which people are dissuaded for something they posted or wrote online , is alarming. Many people are fired from their jobs because they wrote a letter at their employer. Others simply told the truth.

Despite the right to freedom of speech and the freedom of expression and freedom of expression, blah blah. It is a fact that often, people will berate you to express their opinions.

The use of email for communication is slowly dropping phone calls, and other forms of communication. Some countries, for instance, have adopted the whistle-blower rule. They offer money to those who report illegal activities or corruption that is occurring in “high places. It’s very risky to provide such information without revealing your name and your identity out in public.

What is an Anonymous Email?

In simpler terms, an anonymized email is one that conceals the identity of the person who sent it. An anonymous email uses all the techniques necessary to make the message that you send inaccessible to the sender.

The methods and approaches to sending anonymous emails vary. To make things easier, we categorize the approaches and methods into two types. These are: the long and hard methods. Also, the quick and easy method.

The Hard and Long Method

This process is described as difficult and lengthy because it is time-consuming and it is a long route.

In the first place, this involves sending a fake email with fake information. Like you’d think, it’s safe, if executed properly. If it is not done your IP address is not correctly recorded, it can get traced. It’s also not as secure or private as you think.

This method is inexpensive however it is not the top option. The steps to create an anonymous email using this method include:

  • You will need to get a new phone number, which you’ll be able to use to authenticate your account.
  • Create a fake name and fake data. Make sure you don’t choose the name that everyone is aware about.
  • Create a new email account. (G-mail Yahoo, Yahoo or anyone else who works)
  • Try a different web browser; the incognito mode is preferred.
  • Send us your mail.

Like we said This method does not provide absolute anonymity. If the person you wrote the mail to has resources, your mail can be tracked back. That’s your superpower with a tiny amount of kryptonite! In these instances your kryptonite is expensive.

The Simple and Short Method

This is the truth. If you want to remain totally anonymous, this strategy is the best and most secure option.

This technique requires making use of anonyme email services. There are many available, with some are good but others are fantastic. The underlying concepts of the services comprise of:

  • Encryption
  • Automatic deletion of messages from servers
  • Blocked IP address
  • Password Protection to protect your anonyme email
  • Minimal Personal Information
  • Privacy! (Now it is the basic idea and logic)

Based on the provider The apps will come with distinctive tools, features and guides. Each of these will be detailed in the near future.

Alongside anonymous email providers, you may also make benefit of an VPN. VPN, or virtual private network (VPN) was designed specifically for this type of thing. The VPN ensures that your IP address is concealed, and your identity remains secure.

How to make use of VPN will also be covered in depth.

Why the Anonymity?

Who is anonymous online?

Anyone can decide to concealor conceal their identity. Many people write anonymous emails due to a variety of reasons. The necessity of anonymity is not too far-fetched. A cybercriminal may also employ anonymity to continue his crimes.

In essence, a variety of individuals, from different walks of life, are able to use an anonymous email.

Other uses include:

  • The act of reporting a crime fraud
  • Your boss reports to their bosses
  • Telling on a co-worker
  • Expressing your emotions
  • Transmitting secret and private information
  • Being honest in a stressful situation
  • Anything else you could come up with?

Note that sending anonymous emails differs from encrypted emails..

How to Disappear

There are a lot of private email providers. Here are a few excellent ones.


ProtonMail uses a full-time encryption software. This makes your email completely inaccessible to third parties.

They don’t require personal information to make an anonymous and secure email for you. They also do not maintain IP logs, which means they cannot trace the mail back to you.

The great aspect of ProtonMail is that the program is open-source and is accessible to everyone. It’s completely free.

How to use ProtonMail

  • Log on to ProtonMail
  • Select the type of account that you’d like to use. While ProtonMail is completely free They also have pricing options.
  • Create an account
  • Create your account
  • Make sure to upgrade your account should you wish to.
  • Enjoy the wonderful features.


Through Mailfence you can enjoy a variety of security features. There’s no spam, no trackers, and it’s free of government’s eye. Additionally, they offer the OpenPGP Keys feature. This allows users to create keys, import, publish as well as manage the keys.

How to use Mailfence

  • Log on to Mailfence
  • Choose the plan you want to use. Every plan has a wonderful feature.
  • Please fill out the application
  • Follow the directions.
  • Begin using and using their service and.

Cyber Atlantis

This is a no-cost anonymous service for mail. It is not necessary to sign up on the site. Simply the address of the recipient. Additionally, the recipient of the mail and it’s PGP Public Key, as well as the message.

The recipient, however, can prevent fire email not being delivered to the postal address.

Cyber Atlantis permits users to send emails anonymously in the event that it’s not unlawful or obscene.


PrivateMail free plan gives you a monthly 100MB of storage, along with the VPN service. They also employ encryption software to keep your data secure and secure.

They have stunning features that will satisfy anyone’s email-related need. Additionally, your personal information is not required to sign up with them.

You are therefore 100% completely anonymous.

Anonymous Email

Send emails with no registration required through anonymous email.

The free version contains their brand name on the emails. However, there is an choice to get rid of it by signing up to their premium plans. The premium plan lets you sign up using your name, from email , and an email notification upon delivery.

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Are you concerned about using your actual email address when sending an email to someone?

Do not worry!

Make use of Ptorx to continue sending and receiving emails in complete anonymity.

It lets you make distinct aliases for your email and is directly connected to your mails. Ptorx is free across all platforms, including Android, iPad or iPhone web, as well as Google Chrome, and Firefox extensions.

If a site you visit is compromised, you must delete or disable your alias that is linked to the site to ensure that there are no security breach.

How to use Ptorx:

  • Make a site-specific contact alias using Ptorx
  • Anything you send to this address is forward to the inbox you prefer.
  • Send a reply to this email and it will include the sender’s name as an Affiliation.

You can also make use of your domain for as many times as you like. Simply set up DNS records and then make the aliases and forwarding names for domains.

Utilize Ptorx without cost and with a maximum of 200 credits per month.


Create unlimited aliases that remain hidden with AnonAddy.

It is possible to create aliases using easy clicks right using the browser via its extension in Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers based on chromium, such as Vivaldi as well as Brave. You must bring the OpenPGP or GPG public keys along with you, and add them to the recipient.

You can easily switch off encryption. If you enable it all forwarded messages will be encrypted with the public key and you are the only person who can decrypt them using the appropriate key. It’s an excellent feature for those who use Outlook as well as Gmail and do not want to have your inbox monitored it’s evident!

AnonAddy allows you to create custom domains and use it as a subdomain an alias. You can also enable or disable the feature “Catch-all” to your own domains. This will allow you to manage the aliases, or deactivate one of them in case you suspect that it is being a target for spam.

If you aren’t happy with the aliases that have the username of your choice, then you are able to make distinct ones using the dashboard. This stops people to associate the fake alias to you, which could compromise your privacy.

AnonAddy can also allow you to create multiple recipients for each alias. To assist you in managing all your domains, names recipients and usernames utilize the AnonAddy API to create an access token through accounts settings.

The pricing plans offered by AnonAddy begin with a free plan which gives you unlimited domain aliases, 20 aliases on shared domains, 2 recipients, and 10MB bandwidth. Upgrade your plan by paying only $1 or $3 for numerous benefits that are extended.


Protect your privacy and secure your email address from spams and phishing using email aliases with SimpleLogin instead of your actual email address. It allows you to create email aliases while on the move, which you can use to set up an online account , or sign-up to receive newsletters.

If you notice that you are receiving excessive spam You can stop the alias right away anytime. Businesses are also employing email aliases to guard against attacks. SimpleLogin is a cutting-edge solution that is 100% open source.

It can be used for the Android and iOS devices or by using your Safari, Firefox, or Chrome extensions. SimpleLogin allows you to use your own domain that makes it unnecessary to purchase another email hosting service.

You can get catch-all aliases, and make a directory of usernames so that you can make use of it swiftly. If you have multiple mailboxes, you are able to connect them to SimpleLogin. This will allow you to select which one to create your an alias.

To protect your privacy, SimpleLogin lets you leverage techniques such as PGP and OpenPGP to secure your email messages. Secure your account by using 2FA using WebAuthn and TOTP.

The free plan allows you to create 15 aliases and 1 mailbox with unlimited bandwidth, and more. The paid plan begins at just $15 for the first year, and increases to $30 per year with unlimited aliases and custom domains and mailboxes. It also includes 50 usernames.

Alternate Solution – Use VPN

It is also possible to utilize VPN to secure your online identity. It can also be used to send email messages that are anonymous. The key to making use of VPN does not require you to pay to the free VPN service. The majority of the time an unpaid VPN service will sell user information to third-party companies.

With the ability to hide any IP addresses, VPN gives you invisibility not just when you send email, but while browsing the internet.

Below are the most reliable VPN Service providers

  • NordVPN
  • Ivacy
  • VyperVPN
  • Hotspot Shield

Don’t Forget This

The ability to send anonymous emails allows you to hide your identity. It is important not to make use of this guide to conduct any unlawful activities.

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