How to Change Taskbar Color in Windows 10

Change Taskbar Color

You can change the appearance of the desktop on your PC by changing the color of the Taskbar. Here are the steps needed to change Taskbar Color in Windows 10.

Change Taskbar Color in Windows 10

Most likely, your Taskbar on your PC is Black It will be the standard Taskbar color for Windows 10.

But, you don’t need to adhere to the default color, as Windows 10 provides the option to change the color of Taskbar on your personal computer.

To alter to change the Color of Taskbar, you could visit Settings > Personalization or right-click on the Desktop, and then select the Personalize option from the menu that opens.

The next screen section Select Colors in the left-hand pane. In the right-pane of the screen, select the Show Color on Start, Taskbar and Action Center option. This is found in the “Show Accent Color on the following surfaces” section.

Then, go to the “Choose your Accent color” section. Disable Automatically Pick an Accent Color from the background options and choose the Color you would like to use for your taskbar.

The Taskbar on your desktop computer changing to the color of your choice.

Mix Taskbar Color and Desktop Background

If you’re not great in color, you are able to trust Windows 10 to automatically pick an appropriate colour for the Taskbar on your laptop.

You may have thought that you can accomplish this by enabling Automatically Choose an Accent Color in my background.

When this option is activated, Windows will automatically pick an appropriate color for the Taskbar that is compatible with the colors that you have chosen for your Desktop.

If you alter the Desktop Background, Windows 10 will automatically alter the color of Taskbar in order to reflect the new Desktop background.

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