Fix iOS 15 Won’t install Update on iPhone, iPad in 2022

iOS 15

Each every year Apple releases a new and completely updated version of iOS, the operating system which runs across all iPhones. The full version updates include brand new functions, UI improvement, along with crucial security updates And, best of all they’re totally free.

The most current version, iOS 15, is available. iOS 15, which you can download and install now (September 20 and 2021). In this post we’ll explain how you can download and install iOS 15 on an iPhone and assist you with any issues that you may face.

What do I require:

You’ll be downloading this iOS 15 update from Apple’s servers, which means you’ll require an internet connection that is reliable. Additionally, you’ll require an iPhone that’s capable of running iOS 15 and access to AC power (you must plug in your iPhone to AC power during this update).

Does my iPhone support iOS 15?

Before you ask for an update up to IOS 15 read about the compatibility of iOS 15 – that’s important. Apple is no longer compatible with older models and do not have the power certifications sufficient to support the most current software.

A list of IOS 15 compatible devices:

Following the release of IOS 15 everyone is asking what device will work to iOS 15. Apple has announced the list of iPhone from iOS 15 compatible devices.

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone SE

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Preparing iPhone for iOS 15

There are a few points to be aware of before downloading the update

  1. Backup your iPhone in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Clear some storage space in your phone. It’s true that updating iOS is likely to consume plenty of space when it’s installed – but it’s worth making some space.
  3. Connect to a source of power.
  4. Make sure that you download using Wi-Fi and not using 4G or 3G as you might be unable to download data. Also, ensure it’s an encrypted network. (For instance, we wouldn’t suggest installing iOS updates via the Wi-Fi in a hotel).

It’s all right. We’re all set to download iOS 15!

How do I install iOS 15?

Start the Settings app by tapping the gray gear icon if it appears or click Search (swipe across from the screen at home) and search for Settings.

  1. Go to General.
  2. Software Update.
  3. Keep an eye on iOS to notify you of any new updates.

It appears that iOS 15 is ready for downloading – keep in mind that the process of deploying it is usually delayed in the time we anticipate it and could be delayed in certain regions than other regions. If you don’t have one the more recent version of iOS 14 (such as iOS 14.8) installed it will show iOS 14.8 in the middle of the display. You can also see “Also available: upgrade to iOS 15″ at the bottom.

If there’s not a updated version for iOS available to download, then you’ll be able to see ” Your software is up to date“.

The update can be read about in the new update by clicking Learn more or jump right in by clicking to download and install at the lower right of the display.

Enter the access code and agree to the terms when needed. The device downloads the update in the background, so you are able to do other tasks while in the background. You’ll get a message on your iPhone after the download has been completed.

>> Return to Settings and click Install Now. Wait for the installation process to finish.

We’ll discuss the update process in greater depth in a separate article on how can you upgrade iOS for your iPhone.

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What is the reason my iPhone not able to install iOS 15?

Below are some typical problems you might encounter while upgrading your iPhone as well as our solution solutions:

Why why isn’t iOS 15 available yet?

As we’ve mentioned, iOS deployments are not reliable. Give it an hour or two , and attempt again.

The process of installing iOS 15 takes a long time

This is not uncommon, particularly in the case of installing the update the day it’s made available, as Apple’s servers are usually busy. Use the time estimates provided within the user interface, but with a pinch of salt.

iOS 15 doesn’t install at all.

Make sure to ensure that the iPhone can be used with compatible devices, you’re using Wi-Fi, not cellular. Also, make sure that your iPhone is powered by electricity.

If the issue persists If the issue persists, check out What to do if it’s impossible to upgrade your iPhone.

Additional iOS 15 issues

In general the moment the latest version of iOS is released on iPhones it is reported of problems with battery drain, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues, app problems as well as other problems. Below, we’ve listed a few of the problems reported by users in the time since iOS 15 was installed below and we’ll expect these issues to be addressed in the coming iPhone OS updates.

1. Problems with battery life

A dramatic decrease in battery usage is typically observed following a major iOS update, however this isn’t always due to an issue. If your battery’s life is less, it’s likely due to the fact that after updating, a lot of processes are working in the background as the system indexes your data. Fortunately, this will be temporary and your battery is expected to return to normal within a few hours.

2. Mute

There are complaints that turning off your iPhone will turn off audio for specific applications – something that didn’t happen prior to the update. According to one Reddit user put it: “I could always listen to audio (on Instagram and YouTube) while my phone was on mute. Just hold the volume button and the sound will be fine.But after upgrading to iOS 15 I need to de-mute my phone in order to listen to the audio on Instagram (stories or rolls) videos) as well as YouTube. ”

3. Insufficient memory

There are complaints about iPhones have been displaying not enough memory, even though there’s plenty of space. A post on Apple’s support page said: “After I update iOS 15 in the settings, it says I have 15GB of memory, but my iPhone memory is fully occupied but I have 15GB of memory, it doesn’t disappear. A hard reset didn’t help.

4. Notifications aren’t sent

There have been reports that notifications from apps like Outlook and Slack aren’t being sent. Users have been able to fix this issue by removing and installing the application.

5. ICloud + storage is not changed

There have been reports of users having issues changing the levels of storage in iCloud after the update.

6. iTunes is not working

Certain iPhone users who depend on their computer may are able to see that iTunes isn’t functioning because certain files are not present.

F.A.Q – How to Install iOS 15

When will IOS 15 release? UK time and what is the date?

The date for the release of IOS 15 in the UK is scheduled for 6pm BST (September 20th and 2021).

What is the date of release of IOS 15 in the USA?

For those in the US, iOS 15 released at 10:10 am PDT and 1am EDT.

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