Fix: Incorrect WiFi Password Issue on iPhone

Incorrect WiFi Password

Here’s what to do if your iPhone displays “Incorrect WiFi Password”, even when you have entered the correct password to join the WiFi Network.

Incorrect WiFi Password While Connecting to WiFi on iPhone

Sometimes iPhone might decide to suddenly determine that your WiFi password isn’t correct even though you’re entering the correct password.

This issue could be due to technical glitches of a minor nature or corrupted network settings, router resets and many other causes.

1. Make Sure You Are Entering the Right Password

If you’re unaware, iPhone passwords are case sensitive. Therefore, ensure that you enter the correct password.

2. Move Closer to Router

Sometimes, the issue is caused by the WiFi reception becoming weak or even interrupted. So, get towards the Router and try joining the WiFi Network.

3. Enable Auto-Join

Navigate to Settings > Settings WiFi Click on the WiFi Network. Then, ensure Auto-Join is turned on.

4. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Open Settings > Allow Airplane Mode by shifting the toggle to the ON position. For 30 seconds, remove Airplane Mode by moving the toggle to the off position.

Disabling and then enabling Airplane Mode can fix network connectivity issues by setting the wireless antennas of your iPhone.

5. Forget WiFi Network and Rejoin

Sometimes, the issue is caused by the network information you have saved on your iPhone getting corrupted or damaged.

Navigate through Settings > WiFi Click the WiFi Network. Next, you can select Forget This Network option.

If you forget the Network after 60 seconds before re-joining Your WiFi Network by entering your WiFi Network Password.

6. Restart Modem/Router

The problem could be due to your modem or router experiencing a technical issue.

Turn off the power supply to your Router/Modem using the ON/OFF button (if there is one available) or disconnecting the Power cable from the the wall socket.

After 60 seconds, switch on your Power Supply to Modem/Router.

8. Reset Network Settings

If none of the above options aid, you can reset network settings on the iPhone to the factory or original default settings by going to Settings General > Reset Set Network Settings.

When your iPhone restarts, you’ll be able to join the WiFi Network after entering the WiFi Security Password for Network.

9. Try the Original Password

This option is available only if you’ve manually completed the factory Reset on your router. This Factory Reset erases all saved network credentials and resets the device back to Factory default settings.

It is likely that you will locate the original Password and User Name on the back of your Router, or in the instruction manual included with the Router.

In most instances, the Username is Admin , and the Password is usually “Password” or empty.

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